Maintenance and repairs

Any simple diagnostic, repair and maintenance operation that has to be performed in a remote installation (or with difficult access) can be hugely costly due to the need of moving around highly skilled personnel.

Real time support from a remote specialist.


Telepresence in rugged industrial environments

SAMLA is based on the integration of communication, video, wearables, cloud computing technologies and onboard systems and management software to allow an operator who is performing maintenance tasks to receive real time support from a remote specialist.


SAMLA is comprised of a set of integrated devices which generate a meshed communications network that enables the use of telepresence technology in previously unreachable rugged industrial environments.


SAMLA minimizes the need of an expert for solving incidences onboard a vessel or offshore installation.


  • Access to highly skilled technical personnel at a fraction of a cost, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Streamline corrective treatments.
  • Audit and accountability for actions performed using audio and video footage in case of accidents or claims.
  • Creation of a reference database catalogued by equipment which can include blueprints, audio and video tutorials of actions that need to be performed.