Water Rescue

The safety of people who come to beaches, marshes and other places of recreation poses different challenges, such as the extension of the space to be watched, the influx of people, accessibility to different areas and the proximity of the sea, rivers or marshes.

Safedron is a system made up of a drone that transports an approved electronically activated lifejacket.

The pilot positions the Safedron over the victim, drops the lifejacket next to them, and it will inflate within 3 seconds. The victim grabs the lifejacket and will be able to stay afloat until the rescue personnel can come to the rescue.


Safedron incorporates a lightweight lifejacket that is launched from a drone


The lifejacket carried by Safedron has an electronic auto-inflating system which provides floatation to the victim as soon as it is deployed.

1. Locating a victim

Lifeguards detect a person in danger in the water.

2. Mobilization of devices

Safedron is mobilized in less than a minute.

3. Initial rescue stage with Safedron

The pilot positions the drone over the victim and drops the lifejacket.

4. Final rescue stage

The rescue resources are mobilized, which have more time and security in the rescue operation.

Main characteristics

Lifejacket with buoyancy of 150Nw.

Automatic inflation by means of an electronic trigger, with remote control from the Safedron transmitter.

Rechargeable and reusable as often as necessary.

Operating temperature -20º to + 55ºC.

Waterproof up to 5m depth.

ABS housing that guarantees protection against waterfall of the 2 CO2 capsules and the inflation system.