Safety system for nautical sports

The general objective of the project is: Design, development and validation of a surveillance and passenger emergency platform that meets the needs and expectations of the sports and recreational boating market segment, drastically improving existing safety conditions and allowing the captain an efficient management of people on board.

Safeboat will meet the needs and expectations of the sports and recreational boating market segment.

Development objectives

1. Development of a “closed-loop” surveillance and emergency platform, the operation of which will:

  • Facilitate control of the location of people on board.
  • Report potential risk situations.
  • Alert immediately of emergency situations such as MOBs.
  • Allow the captain or skipper to be continuously and immediately informed.
  • Operate with 100% reliability avoiding false alarms.
  • Be easily integrated in the S2S platform, extending the functionalities to the level desired by the person in charge.

2. Design and development of personal “Safe Deck” devices to be used by passengers of the boat.

3. Design and development of personal “Safe Mate” devices to be used by the captain or skipper, which allows receiving relevant information immediately and from any position within the boat.

4. Design of “Safe Sentinel” on-board communications equipment.

5. Design and development of specific repeaters to extend the functionality of the platform to medium/large vessels, as well as the establishment of virtual security perimeters.

6. Build of various prototypes of devices for validation by users.

7. Realization of tests in realistic situations to detect improvements, foresee redesigns and guarantee the correct functioning of the system as a whole.

8. Development of an attractive design in accordance with the expectations of potential users.

9. To have a product that is competitive in cost and of minimum maintenance that facilitates its immediate introduction into the market.


To have an integrated safety-surveillance system that covers all the needs and expectations of this business niche, from the point of view of channel-customer-user.

Development of an innovative system, clearly differentiated from other competing products, with the ability to break into the global market immediately.

Respond to a demand and clear market need, exposed by both professionals and users of the nautical world as by the distribution channel.

Optimize the operative capacity of the company, in collaboration with its industrial partners, designing an efficient and competitive manufacturing and cost plan at a global level.

To increase the negotiation capacity of the company with the distribution channel, having a scalable product and with adjustable prices and costs according to the features of the product.

Facilitate the development of a virtual sales platform through a competitive product portfolio.

Fulfill the company’s master plan, which considers S2S as a strategic product in this specific market segment.