S2S Safe to Sea

Safe to Sea

Complete solution for Smart Sea Safety

Safe to Sea combines state-of-the-art telecommunications and navigation to improve the safety onboard.

Our electronic inflator uses a combination of electronic signals and physical phenomena to detect «Man Overboard» situations with absolute reliability.

S2S Inflation Technology avoids accidental deployments due to humidity or wave splashes and guarantees the lifejacket will be ready to inflate when it really is necessary.


Immediate detection of MOB situations


Communications and supervision

S2S Sentinel constantly monitors the personal devices and ensures all crew members are onboard

AIS-GPS Navigation
S2S Sentinel displays detailed information about the surrounding ships and AtoNs in order to help avoid collisions thanks to the built-in GPS and AIS technology. *Only available in AIS version.

Automatic Distress Digital Selective Calls
S2S Sentinel includes a VHF/DSC Class D radio which can send distress Digital Selective Calls automatically in case of need.

«Man Overboard» Detection
Immediate detection of MOB situations, onboard alarm and automatic communication to rescue teams and nearby vessels.

Guided Rescue
Rescue operations are faster and more effective thanks to updated info about MOB’s positions.


A full range of comfortable personal devices designed to fit the needs of every kind of sport sailor

S2S Suit Pro / Sport

Working clothes with life jacket built-in.

S2S Belt

Ergonomic belt with flotation device.

S2S Buddy / Buddy GC

Self-Inflating life Jacket.