A unique, innovative and universal security system

Antennas used for communications and coastal management receive and send users’ signals within a radio range which is conditioned by the power of the original station and the environment orography. In coastal areas with abrupt geographical characteristics (cliffs, sea inlets and coves) coverage can get minimal, which is commonly known as ‘Shadow Zone’.

Buonet is a low cost sea platform solution than can provide signal strength in shadow areas.

Communications and ITC systems in shadow or remote coastal areas.


Buonet is a versatile platform that can be used for multiple problems
but is primarily oriented to help in cases where the
system should remain static for best performance

AIS, VHF, GSM and other communication signal repeaters to enhance coverage in shadow zones, high-traffic areas offshore, etc…

Surveillance systems based on video, cameras and image sensors.

Advanced weather and sea-condition monitoring systems

Buonet features

Energetically autonomous.

Designed for minimum onsite maintenance.

Includes autonomous management systems, telecontrol capacity and land system communications which guarantee 24/7 safety and availability.

Minimal position variation on any of the 3 axis, regardless of sea conditions.

It can hold electronics and specialized communications equipment to perform specific tasks.

It can hold sensors, cameras and antennas up to a height of 10 meters above the sea level.

Buonet is considered a Special Mark and follows all marine buoy, mark and beacon regulations. It does not interfere with local navigation since it includes a radar reflector, a top mark and marine lights to help localization.