Technological innovation for a better communication

Bildtec is an universal video-interpreting tool designed to help Sign Language speakers access customer services from companies and public institutions. The goal is to bridge the communication gap that deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people face in their everyday life when trying to communicate with public institutions and companies.

Most customer attention representatives cannot speak Sign Language, which, until now, prevented a direct communication with deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people and made it necessary for an interpreter to be present.

Communication accessible.
Sign Language video-interpreting.

Bildtec is an integrated hardware and video interpreting software system that is specially tailored to the needs of the deaf community and enables them to be more independant and to communicate in their own sign language without the need of planning ahead their visit in order to have an interpreter onsite.

Bildtec Desk

Two 10-inch touchscreens smooth the way for natural and effortless communication between the deaf user and the customer service representative. Hassle-free. Developed for those companies or institutions that prefer to have a fixed point of information to attend customers at their premises.

Bildtec Web

Click on a banner on a web site and get connected to a Sign Language interpreter. Without any system changes at all, Bildtec makes it possible for call centers and phone representatives to receive calls from deaf users and customers through an interpreter.

Bildtec Move

A tablet and a bluetooth headset enable a swift and fluent communication between the deaf user, interpreter and customer attention representative. Wireless, nimble and mobile, it was designed to be of service at locations where the user and the point of attention cannot be anchored to a desk or counter.

opens up multiple possibilities

Bildtec video center management technology will enable the use of video in multiple systems

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can now communicate face to face with your users and customers.

A user can connect with a support centre or helpdesk from a website or dedicated terminal, getting a better, more personal customer service using Bildtec video technology.

Particularly tailored for supporting complex products, high-value services or any other services in which the use of video and voice can enhance the quality of communication.