Simple and intuitive Facility Management

Streamlining communications and procedures and ensuring the quality and exactitude of outsourced services are key steps to save time and money.

GEMA FM aims to be a tool to simplify the management and maintenance of facilities.

Main benefits

Service quality improvement

Access to real and up to date information on service level agreement compliance.

Cost reduction

GEMA FM can monitor the exact consumption of consumables, supplies, expendables, man-hours and any other data needed in order to cut costs.

Efficient Management

Real-time status and location of assets improves response time in case of need.

Simple, modular and easy to scale

SPC - Planimetry and space management

GEMA is the only Facility Management tool capable of visually displaying incidents on plans, without expensive CAD tools.

MIN - Maintenance and Incidents

Incident management allows to report, coordinate and solve incident requests and monitor the response procedures.

PPM - Property Management

Compiles and helps manage all the contracts and administrative data of every building in the company.